What is the ICO Pre-Sale of the PO9K token?

It is the issuance of the token PO9K. This token will market The Priceless Object in order to execute a new world economic system through the interaction between the economic principles of the issuance of fiduciary money and The Priceless Object (explained in more detail in The White Paper).  

What are the benefits of the PO9K Pre-Sale launching?

  1. Holders will be the pioneers of the creation of a new economic model where The Smart Passport and its modules are tools for the exchange of goods and services. PO9K tokens will be used as economic reference.
  2. Holders will enjoy the status of Pioneering Citizens of this supranational and economic proposal through the acquisition of the first PO9K tokens.
  3. Holders will have an exchange tool to be used in the most recognized and principal exchange markets of crypto coins when the ICO is finished. This provides benefits in the short term and it is based on the purchase of the first PO9K tokens at the low introductory price.
  4. Holders will lead the supply and demand dynamic of PO9K in the exchange markets of crypto coins (creating a  market with confidence for the commercialization of the token PO9K).
  5. The token PO9K is the preceding financial instrument prior to the creation of the supranational currency. Therefore, the Pioneering PO9K holders will be privileged during the financial reconversion PO9K – supranational currency in the very near future.
  6. As Pioneering PO9K holders, they will be the first smart passport users transcending historically along the execution of this proposal.

When are the initial and end dates of the public pre-sale of the PO9K token?

The public pre-sale of the PO9K token starts on February 19th, 2019 at 21:00 AEST and ends on November 9th, 2019 at 09:00 AEST.

What is the SOFT CAP?

The SOFT CAP is three million American dollars (US$ 3,000,000).

What is the HARD CAP?

The HARD CAP is ninety-nine million, nine hundred thousand, American Dollars (USD $99,900,000).

What would happen if the soft cap is not reached?

The proposal is designed in order to reach the Soft Capital in the short term. Otherwise, the PO9K tokens sold during early stages of the ICO pre sale and during the private sale will be granted anyway in the wallet of the contributors. This is  because the nature of the project is to establish a new economic model based on the project premises (explained in more detail in The White Paper).

Does PO9K have a KYC process?

Yes,  all the potential contributors of the PO9K will be subjected to a process known as KYC (know your customer) in order to ensure the transparency of the Pre-Sale.

When will my PO9K tokens be allocated in my PO9K wallet?

PO9K tokens will be granted in the PO9K wallet of contributors once the public pre-sale of the PO9K tokens is finished, The Smart Passport will be available (wallet module) and contributors will be able to manage their tokens for additional benefits.  

When will the PO9K tokens be available in the exchange markets?

The entry of PO9K in the principal exchange markets and the Pre-Sale of PO9K will be occurring simultaneously. Therefore, PO9K will be available in these markets once the Pre-Sale has ended.

Could I trade my PO9K tokens in the exchange markets?

Contributors will be able to manage/exchange their PO9K tokens in the exchange markets of cryptocoins once PO9K is available in these markets.

When will the Smart Passport tools (the wallet module) be ready?

The Smart Passport (wallet module) will be available on any browser and their platforms (iOS, Android)  once the Pre-Sale stages have ended.

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