1. To become a world citizen and purchase PO9K tokens you must register at

  2. Confirm your email address.

  3. You must follow the necessary steps to enter into the PO9K ICO pre-sale through the KYC section.

  4. Once your KYC has been approved, you will be able to acquire PO9K tokens in accordance with the price of the running stage of the process.

  5. You will receive a confirmation email of the purchase.

  6. You will have two options for receiving PO9K tokens: a) Live, by opening an account at Waves and copying and pasting the wallet’s address in the Account Information / Smart Passport section. By means of this option the PO9K tokens will be distributed within a period of 5 working days following the acquisition of the tokens. b) By waiting for the PO9K ICO pre-sale to end. Once the Pre-sale is finalized your preferred links (Android, iOS and Web) will be activated in the Account Information / Smart Passport section. You will then need to download the Smart Passport in order to open the PO9K wallet where the PO9K tokens will be stored.

  7. You must log in to your account at and withdraw the tokens purchased at the pre-sale into the PO9K wallet. This process should take between 2 to 4 working days while the department of financial security certifies your deposit into the account.

  8. Once the deposit has been transferred into the account you will be responsible for your PO9K tokens and be able to withdraw and manage the tokens as you wish.

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